Men’s Crew at UC Davis is a member-supported rowing club, relying solely on member dues and donations from alumni, family, and friends. Every bit counts towards helping get our boats on the water and prepared for Spring racing. From boat repairs to scholarships to lawnmowers for the boathouse, it is on the club and club alone to manage and maintain.

If you are interested in supporting our club, there are several options to donate through.

First, there is the Friends of Davis Rowing organization, run by club alumni. Donations through here are tax-deductible and can be made with specific goals in mind (just be sure to mention to FODR what that goal is). 

Another option to support our club is directly through PayPal. This is not a tax-deductible option.

Lastly, you can donate to us through the university itself. This option is tax-deductible but does entail a 6% fee collected by UC Davis, so please bear that in mind.

Contact our team fundraiser, Reid Luhn, at, for more information.